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Quick Facts

One of a few information systems departments in a school accredited by AACSB and have a B.S. program accredited by ABET.

AIS Research Rankings listed VCU #46 in research in the Americas for the period 2020-2022.

Rankings based on Association for Information Systems’ (AIS) List of High-quality Journals. Journals used: ISR, MISQ. Period: 2020-2022, http://www.aisresearchrankings.org, Accessed date: March 31,2023.

Industry connections

Information Systems Organization: Join ISO for networking, study help, volunteer opportunities, and real-world IT applications.

Information Systems Internship Class: Students can receive credit and mentoring while completing a relevant internship.

Advisory Board: The department advisory board provides input on the curriculum and facilitates communication with the regional technology community.


1) Produce well-rounded, ethical information systems graduates who blend business acumen, technology skills, and knowledge to meet the needs of our constituents and who are prepared for lifelong learning;

2) Nurture and sustain scholars who make major and distinctive contributions to the information systems discipline emphasizing design and qualitative research; and

3) Sustain and develop value-based information systems contributions to meaningful community engagement.


Student of the Year: The Student of the Year Award is presented to a senior or graduate student who has demonstrated outstanding accomplishments in scholarship and leadership.

Distinguished Service Award: The Distinguished Service Award is presented to a student who has provided distinguished service to the department, university and community.

Student of the Year: Mahnoor Imran

Mahnoor has demonstrated an uncommon commitment to her studies and extracurricular activities making her a true asset to the university community. As the WebMaster of ISO and treasurer of Women in Business, she has demonstrated excellent leadership skills and unwavering commitment to enhancing the student experience on campus. As a transfer student, Mahnoor integrated herself into the university community. Her academic performance has improved consistently as she has taken more IS classes, and she was selected for the accelerated BS to MS program. She volunteers as a technology associate at Bridging Tech and is an intern at Synergy Technical while completing her master's degree.

Distinguished Service Award: Kahlil Banning

Kahlil was elected the first president of the Information Systems Organization (ISO), the revamped information systems student organization at VCU. He led a team of officers to create a series of events designed to benefit the careers of students. Under his leadership, the organization established a webpage, Instagram account, and started developing a podcast. He maintained regular contact with the department's industry advisory board and leveraged their help to enhance the student experience. He contributed his time to help promote the major to prospective students at open houses. Kahlil graduated in December 2022 and is an associate consultant with IBM.

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