Partnering with the VCU School of Business

Consulting Projects

Does your organization have a goal you can't seem to reach? Before hiring an expensive consulting firm to solve your dilemma, consider employing the services of our business students and faculty. Our academic departments and Center for Corporate Education are here to help. 

Below are some established options. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Support our Centers, Institutes, and Labs

The VCU School of Business features state-of-the-art labs, centers and institutes dedicated to giving you the experience you need to move ahead in today’s fast-paced world.

Whether it’s viewing real-time stock tickers in our Capital Markets Center, conducting eye-tracking experiments in the Customer Experience Lab or networking with industry leaders at the Center for International Business Advancement, you’ll have convenient access to many career-enhancing resources.

Explore our Centers

Join a Department Advisory Board

Department advisory boards are composed of alumni and other industry leaders who advise the school on marketplace trends and hiring needs. Advisory board members often mentor students and may provide data to faculty for research and course projects.

Join a Business Affinity Group

The VCU School of Business hosts a series of discussions on topics impacting key industries in the business community. Learn how you and your colleagues can join the conversation:

Thalhimer Executive-in-Residence

Since its establishment in 1984, the Charles G. Thalhimer Family Executive-in-Residence program has brought nationally and internationally prominent business leaders to the VCU campus for interaction with students, faculty and community leaders.

Thalhimer Executives-in-Residence address current business issues, leadership, ethics and other relevant topics. The program affords an opportunity for these business professionals to engage with our students in both small and large group settings. Designed to give students and faculty an interactive experience, the Executive-in-Residence program also provides a forum for business school alumni and Richmond’s business community to gain valuable insights.