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The VCU School of Business is a dynamic community with lots of opportunities for you to pursue your interests and make valuable connections. The Office of Student Engagement prepares VCU business students to engage in leadership and mentorship opportunities during your time at VCU and beyond. From orientation through graduation, we support your purposeful growth and learning as you discover your unique strengths, talents, and skills that will enable you to thrive in an ever-changing world of work. 

Located off the atrium of Snead Hall, you can’t miss us! Stop by to figure out how to get involved in Snead Hall, meet friends, gain mentorship, and develop your personal and professional skills.

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Cultivating a sense of belonging in the Snead community

We host events likes Welcome Week, First/Last Day of Classes Celebrations, and I <3 Snead Week to help students meet other business classmates, familiarize themselves to campus, and get in touch with our Snead community!

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Business Mentoring Program

Students need exposure to the professional world to be successful. The VCU Business Mentoring Program is designed to facilitate this opportunity by matching you with alumni and friends of VCU who want to help and guide you. 

VCU Business Mentoring Program gives you the chance to develop a supportive, professional relationship with a business professional as you prepare to transition into the professional sector.  Throughout the year-long program (October - April), get to know your mentor by interacting in person, attending professional events, connecting over the phone and exchanging emails. Mentors will provide guidance as coaches, advisors and connectors.

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Student Organizations

Being a part of a student organization provides invaluable experience, professional development, management skills and teamwork strategies. They’re also a fun way to meet peers and begin to build your  professional network. Many business student organizations are tied to areas of study or serve  as local chapters of professional organizations, offering guest speakers, site visits, conferences, scholarships and more.

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Are you a transfer student?

Check out the Biz Stars Student Organization

OSE made me aware of the resources available to me and gave me a better idea how to navigate being a transfer student at VCU.

-Lorena Fuentes, current VCU Business student

Spreading a culture of care and wellbeing

Wellbeing initiatives

Here at Snead Hall, we care about you as a whole person, in and out of the classroom. At OSE, we want to ensure that all of our business students know that you matter, and empower you to develop healthy overall wellbeing through connecting them with business resources, VCU campus resources, and your fellow peers. To achieve this mission, we focus on Gallup’s Five Essential Elements of Well-Being: Career, Social, Financial, Physical, and Community. 

  • Career: Loving what we do everyday
  • Social: Having strong relationships and love in our lives
  • Financial: Effectively managing our economic lives
  • Physical: Having good health and energy to get things done
  • Community: Engaging in the areas we live

Throughout the year, OSE hosts Wellness Wednesday events and Alumni guest speakers to help you thrive in your daily life and design the life you want for years to come.

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More than anything, OSE provided me with a place to go where I didn't feel left out while transitioning to a new school.

- Megan McNeer, current VCU Business student

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