Business Essentials

Our Business Essentials faculty are passionate about helping undergraduate business students explore their interests, build essential knowledge, and prepare for success in their majors.

We're here to help you become an EPIC business student.

Studio BE

Be Prepared, Be Confident, Be Better at Studio BE. 

Conveniently located in Snead Hall B1212, Studio BE offers on the spot solutions for business students to develop professional presence and polish. Our business student consultants are trained by Business Essentials faculty. Our consultants will help you work smarter and harder. Never been to B1212? No worries! If you enter from the half circle on Main St, make a right at security. The Studio is the first office with large windows.

Our Services

Our services are consultations in writing, presentations, and numbers. 


Writing Consultation

Get one-on-one help from a peer consultant for your written assignments. From choosing a topic to perfecting your final draft, an experienced business major will guide you to success, 25 minutes at a time. **Note, if you are drafting a presentation, make sure to sign up for presentation help.**

Consultants can help with: 

  • Decoding what your professor expects

  • Choosing and refining your topic 

  • Locating information/conducting research 

  • Strengthening your draft and organizing your thoughts 

  • Implementing professor feedback

  • Identifying grammar and mechanics issues that can cost you your grade

Visit as much as you need.

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Presentation Consultation

Work one-on-one with an experienced peer consultant to nail your next presentation! Get 25 minutes of personalized coaching as you develop and polish your content and visuals. They will guide you through the process from start to finish. Consultants can help with: 

  • Overcoming presentation anxiety

  • Designing effective slides

  • Speaking with authority 

  • Brainstorming ideas

  • Writing out your outlines

  • Standing on your feet and presenting. 

Come back as often as you like.

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Numbers Consultation

Are you struggling with BUSN-171, BUSN-212, SCMA-301, SCMA-302, etc? Just want to up your game? Sign up to work one-on-one with our numbers consultants. For 25 minutes consultants will dive step by step into challenging problems with you to ensure your understanding of the material. Consultants can help with:

  • Working through difficult problems and/or material

  • Explaining and breaking down the necessary steps for each problem

  • Practicing in order to reinforce successful math skills

  • Giving helpful tips and tricks to remember

Our consultants recommend coming regularly to make continuous progress. 

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Rehearsal Lab

This option is great for GROUP or TEAM presentations. The presentation rehearsal lab is a place to practice your presentation on its' feet in a classroom (Snead 2210) with an audience of peers. Sessions are 25 minutes with a trained presentation consultant. If your presentation is 10 minutes or more, please sign up for two consecutive time slots. 

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Business Essentials Courses

Business Essentials faculty teach courses that help all business majors develop core business and professional skills that are critical to your success as a student and beyond. Business Essentials courses introduce our EPIC approach and are part of the shared undergraduate business curriculum.

  • Foundations of Business (BUSN 201)
  • Winning Presentations (BUSN 225)
  • Organizational Communication (BUSN 325)
  • Mathematical Applications for Business (SCMA/BUSN 171)
  • Differential Calculus and Optimization for Business (SCMA/BUSN 212)
  • Legal Environment of Business (BUSN 323)
  • Intercultural Communication (BUSN 329)