Students have several options when it comes to getting support:

  • School of Business Technology Services -, (804) 828-4059. We can provide basic support for issues such as connecting to wifi, and access issues to certain School of Business resources.
  • HelpIT - itsupport@vcu.edu, (804) 828-2227 - Catch all for general technology issues. Password issues, trouble connecting to VPN, email issues, other miscellaneous issues.
  • FixIT - (804) 827-9334 - VCU’s in-house computer repair resource. fixIT provides electronic diagnostic services and repairs for a fee.
  • RESNet -, (804) 828-8943 - Get help with accessing the VCU network, virus removal, reinstalling operating systems and other services with resnet. For students living in VCU student housing only.

Where to get software:

As a School of Business student, you have access to a variety of software.

  • Please visit the following page for a more in-depth list of software and where to get them:

Student software page

  • Have a Mac, and need access to Windows-based software? Use our virtual environment to run programs like Visio, Project, and other course-specific software on a Windows VM host with the School of Business - 

What computer to buy for school

Every school has slightly different requirements, and those requirements slowly change over time.

Please note: The School of Business highly recommends buying a Windows device instead of OSX devices. Software used in some courses are Windows-based apps.

We recommend purchasing from the RamTech store as they will carry the recommended devices. 

Should you decide to look elsewhere to buy a computer, the following is a reference, and the following specs should last for the duration of the student's college experience. It is also recommended that an extended warranty with accidental protection be purchased in case of any mishaps during the ownership of the device.

If you have any questions, Please send your question to

The following requirements are subject to change. Last changed on 7/16/2024.

Component Basic Recommended
CPU Intel Core i5/i7 (8th gen or higher) or AMD Ryzen 5/7 (4 cores or greater) Intel Core i7 (14th gen or higher) or AMD Ryzen 7 (6 cores or greater)
Graphics Onboard CPU-driven graphics/video adapter Discrete GPU-driven graphics/video adapter
Memory(RAM) 16GB 32GB
Network 802.11n WiFi (wired ethernet optional) 802.11ax WiFi (wired ethernet optional)
OS Windows 11 or later Windows 11 or later
Storage 256GB SSD 1TB SSD (PCI-Express preferred)

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