Graduate Studies in Business

As a VCU graduate business student, you are uniquely positioned at the heart of a creative community, in a city rich with entrepreneurial spirit and professional opportunities. We'll give you the road map and the skills you need to plot your own course - putting you in control of where your future goes. You will find success where business meets creativity. And you will find it at VCU.

MBA Programs

Crafted around your lifestyle, our flexible format MBA allows you to complete the program at your desired pace (part-time or full-time), preferred modality (online, on-campus, or a mix of both!) and start during the fall, spring or summer. Designed for working professionals, courses meet weekday evenings. With flexibility in the curriculum, it's easy to add a concentration or even a dual degree to this pathway.

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Specialized Master's Programs:

  • Master of Accountancy with a concentration in data analytics
    • This program provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be leaders in the areas of accounting, auditing and financial reporting in both the private and public sectors.
  • Master of Arts in economics
    • The M.A in economics contains core courses focused on state-of-the-art modeling and data analytics. Graduates of the program are well-positioned to conduct applied economic analysis in either a government or corporate research setting.
  • Master of Decision Analytics - Evening format 
    • This program is focused on teaching students about driving decisions by leveraging descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics techniques. Coursework provides students with information and knowledge in databases, statistical analysis for Big Data, data mining and forecasting.
  • Master of Decision Analytics - Weekend Program
    • Engage in an immersive, hands-on learning experience with our weekend program. Ideal for those who prefer a structured learning format, this path immerses you in a comprehensive curriculum covering everything from statistical modeling to prescriptive analytics.
  • Master of Science in business: Concentration in finance
    • The goal of the M.S in finance is to teach students to take on the quantitatively challenging and highly competitive business environment of the financial industry.
  • Master of Science in business: Concentration in marketing management 
    • This program offers students the opportunity to focus on conceptual and experiential dimensions of marketing with emphasis on branding, analytics and consumer insights.
  • Master of Science in Information Systems
    • The M.S in Information Systems is designed to prepare students for specialized roles using information systems to support organizations.
  • Master of Supply Chain Management
    • The curriculum of the MSCM program provides foundational knowledge of established and emerging supply chain practices and methodological approaches for analyzing supply chain problems and opportunities.

Graduate Certificates:

PhD in Business, concentration options:



A two-year, full-time master's program focused on developing the best creative problem-solvers in the world. A renowned graduate branding program, the Brandcenter is part creative studio, part business school. Each track represents an important industry discipline, but they work together collaboratively to create a real-world environment.

Center for Sport Leadership

The Center for Sport Leadership offers an internationally acclaimed 12-month Master's program that provides a year of work experience in a vibrant urban sporting community. Through vision, teamwork, creativity, enthusiasm and innovation, our students will utilize theory, practical application and collaboration to learn the processes necessary to become the next generation of leaders in coaching and administration of sport.

da Vinci Center

The VCU da Vinci Center for Innovation is a unique collegiate model that advances innovation and entrepreneurship through cross-disciplinary collaboration. The academic and experiential offerings of the VCU da Vinci Center for Innovation aim to create T-shaped individuals who are anchored in a discipline and have the capacity and openness to span across disciplines. The da Vinci Center offers a Master of Product Innovation (MPI) program that is designed for creative thinkers and doers from a wide range of undergraduate backgrounds who want to ideate and launch innovative products, projects and initiatives in the world’s most leading edge companies.

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