B.S. in Business, concentration in management / business administration

The activity of management is concerned with setting an organization's strategic goals and formulating processes to achieve them. Managers carry out their administrative roles by handling such duties as preparing and administering budgets, planning and directing operations, and coordinating employees' activities. 

The management/business administration concentration provides students with a broad-based study of management and other business disciplines. The course options in the curriculum give students flexibility in developing a program of study that can lead to a variety of entry-level positions in private and public organizations. 

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Our program prepares you for entry-level positions in careers that require general skills in business and management. The program allows the flexibility to choose a variety of electives tailored to your interests, including finance, global business, business analytics, marketing and entrepreneurship.    

Program and degree requirements

Career Opportunities

The management/business administration concentration crosses all areas of business and as such prepares you to have many choices for a career path upon graduating. Important skills such as communication, leadership, decision making, data analysis, and strategic thinking are developed in this concentration and are critical for all types of business careers. Typical managers address a wide variety of problems: financial, operational, human, legal, and political, on a routine basis. Private, public and government agencies all require employees with strong management skills. Typical titles upon graduating include account manager, business analyst, management trainee, sales representative, and recruiter.

Because the business administration degree provides a broad business background, it’s important for students to pursue internship and externship experience to gain depth and specialization in their future fields of work.

Careers in the field:

  • Bank Manager
  • Construction Supervisor 
  • Credit Analyst 
  • Entertainment Agent 
  • Government Services Administrator 
  • Hotel Manager 
  • Loan Officer
  • Management Analyst 
  • Payroll Assistant 
  • Purchasing Agent 
  • Quality Control Auditor 

Alumni employers include: