Our department’s advisory board includes alumni and information systems leaders at local companies who advise the department on hiring trends and help focus our strategic direction.

  • Cheri Spence (Chair)
    President & Chief Information Officer
    ValleyStar Credit Union
  • Mark Morton (Vice Chair)
    Morton Consulting
  • David Burhop
    Executive Director
    Division of Legislative Automated Systems
    Virginia General Assembly
  • Jimmy Chou
    Chief Executive Officer & Principal
    Single Stone
  • Rick Davis
    Principal Corrections SME &
    Corrections Vertical Marketing Director, Mi-Case
  • Terri Helfrich
    Director of Information Security
  • Donald Jones
    Former Vice President of Administration
    Luck Companies
  • Rohana Meade
    President & Chief Executive Officer
    Synergy Technical
  • Rich Pollack
    Former Vice President & Chief Information Officer
    VCU Health Systems
  • Brenna Ramsey Doherty
    Strategic Consultant
    SyCom Technologies
  • Christopher Saneda
    Senior Executive Vice President
    & Chief Information Officer, Virginia Credit Union
  • Diane Schnupp
    Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
    Kinsale Insurance