care room

The Care Room

Find comfort in stillness

Student life is stressful. At times throughout your busy and exhausting days, all you crave is a quiet space to relax, calm your thoughts, and take a deep breath. We hear you. Introducing the Care Room, a place for reflection, meditation, prayer, or contemplation. Designed to encourage self-care and mindfulness, breathe in the silence and breathe out negative stress. Stop by today and discover peace of mind.

Student Testimonials 

Did you know that 100% of respondents in our Care Room feedback survey reported feeling happier and/or more relaxed after their visit? Below, read firsthand accounts from students who have experienced the transformative power and serenity of the Care Room.

It's a great safe space to recenter yourself, and it's not too big or too small.

Senior Information Systems Student

I'm happy to see VCU incorporate this idea into the Business School!