B.S in Business, concentration in management/ entrepreneurship

The activity of management is concerned with setting an organization's strategic goals and formulating processes to achieve them. Managers carry out their administrative roles by handling such duties as preparing and administering budgets, planning and directing operations, and coordinating employee activities. The management/entrepreneurship concentration empowers students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and complementary skill set needed to provide creative solutions for new ventures and existing organizations. Students gain knowledge of entrepreneurial and design concepts useful for questioning assumptions, exploring alternatives and developing creative solutions.

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We teach you how to apply entrepreneurial concepts to organizations of any size. You’ll learn to identify a market need, evaluate financial viability and organize resources to launch new ventures. The program concludes with a yearlong capstone course that pairs you with teams of engineering students and immerses you in the dynamics of planning, establishing and growing a new business.

Program and degree requirements

Career Opportunities

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about the mechanics of how to start and grow a business (although you’ll pick up those skills). Rather, it is a mindset that enables you to seek opportunities, take risks, recover from failure, leverage resources, and overcome obstacles to push an idea to implementation or to solve a problem. Students in this concentration develop an understanding of the whole entrepreneurial process, from idea generation to the launch of a new business or social venture. They develop strong research skills, learning how to analyze markets for potential opportunities, and also develop the ability to identify and acquire resources needed to start new ventures. While entrepreneurship may mean starting a new business for some of our grads, entrepreneurial careers can be found in just about every field where there are opportunities for creating new products, services, and other innovations. Most of our graduates will go to work for traditional companies, applying the entrepreneurial mindset and complementary skill set needed to provide creative solutions to organizational problems.

Careers in the field:

  • Account Manager 
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Development Specialist 
  • Consultant 
  • Director 
  • Manager 
  • Owner/President 
  • Program Director 
  • Project Coordinator

Alumni employers include: