Do you have an RVA View? Of course you do.

All of us Richmonders do. Some see a city steeped in history with cobblestone streets and early American architecture. Others see a vibrant food, art, and social scene. Still others see us as a diverse population with an indomitable spirit of hospitality.

​More than anything else, as everyone who has lived here, worked here, or played here knows, there are boundless Richmond experiences and unique views to share.

RVA Views is a collective of people who sign-up to participate in surveys and interviews related to their opinions and experiences in life. Together, our opinions can help shape the future of the greater Richmond community.   

Share your perspectives, and see what others have to say, as we help shape our community in ways that are meaningful. Hear and be heard.


Members of RVA Views are invited from time-to-time to participate in studies that may offer compensation. There is no cost and you will receive a gift-- a pair of virtual reality googles-- just for signing up.

RVA Views has a transparent privacy policy. Your personal information will never be sold. Your opinions will remain anonymous. Participation will always be voluntary, and you can choose to delete your membership information at any time. 

  1. Fill out a short registration survey by clicking the link below and receive a welcome gift in the mail.
  2. Your survey answers will be stored securely.
  3. RVA Views will contact you when opportunities to participate become available.


Our goal is to offer every resident of Richmond, its broader suburbs, and the wider central Virginia area an opportunity to have their voices heard. ​  

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