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A short-term, open enrollment course at the Center for Corporate Education offers a highly focused learning experience. We have the unique ability to cut across departments at VCU, partnering with programs and faculty from across the university to bring you a more dynamic, cutting-edge course that is facilitated by experts in the field. 

Our carefully designed curriculum spans strategic management, leadership, marketing, finance, and emerging business technologies, ensuring you gain the critical skills needed to navigate today's evolving corporate landscape. Join us to develop practical insights, build key competencies, and thrive in a dynamic business environment.

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What is Product Management? [Workshop]

Explore the critical intersection of humanities and technology in product management. Learn to utilize common frameworks and processes to take an idea from concept to delivery. Key topics include needs finding, ethical development, problem identification, market analysis, strategy formulation, product development, and lifecycle management. Group work and multimedia materials will aid in understanding. Assess a current market product by proposing a new feature or product through a Product Brief, Clickable Wireframes/Prototype, and Development Backlog.

Facilitator: Anna Wilson

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Successful Career Management 101

This workshop introduces the fundamentals of strategic career management. Discover the importance of self-knowledge, personal brand management, networking, and career pathing. Learn to develop these components intentionally to benefit both individual growth and organizational success, making this workshop an ideal starting point for those new to proactive career management.

Facilitator: Jennifer McCluskey

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Building Your Brand

Explore how a strong personal brand affects career opportunities and perceptions. This workshop covers identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your current brand and offers step-by-step actions to enhance its awareness and value, shaping how others perceive and value your professional presence.

Facilitator: Jennifer McClusky

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Words that Work: Elevate Your Communication with Professional Writing

Transform your written communication skills in our Professional Writing workshop. Focus on business documents such as memos, reports, and emails. Learn a logical approach to enhance clarity and impact, applying a three-step writing process, utilizing "Graphic Organizers," and revising effectively. By the end, you will be equipped to create concise, powerful business communications that resonate with your audience.

Facilitator: Helene Bumbalo

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AI Career Coach: Harnessing AI Tools for Professional Growth

Dive into the use of Artificial Intelligence for career management in this immersive workshop. Gain essential knowledge on AI fundamentals and practical applications in career development. Learn how to use AI-driven job search platforms, optimize resumes, and improve LinkedIn profiles. This workshop will equip you with strategies to effectively navigate the competitive job market and harness AI to advance your career.

Facilitator: Helene M. Bumbalo

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Embodied Mental Health First Aid [WORKSHOP]

Elevate your professional effectiveness with the Embodied Mental Health First Aid workshop, a course designed for individuals keen on mastering mental health and stress management within a business context. This training equips you with essential skills to handle workplace stress and trauma effectively, enhancing your resilience and capacity to contribute positively to your work environment.

Facilitator: Erin Henshaw

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Demystifying AI for K-12 [WORKSHOP]

This workshop, led by Brad Waid, a thought leader and futurist at the intersection of technology and education, will unpack the complicated relationship between AI and Education. Great for educators, administrators, and parents within the K-12 educational environment. Through engaging sessions tailored for educators and administrators in the morning and parents in the evening, the workshop will empower participants with a comprehensive understanding of AI's application, how to get started and ethical considerations in education.

Facilitator: Brad Waid

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The Customer Experience & Having a Strong Service Climate [ONLINE] 

These two, 3-hour modules provide health service professionals with practical tools and strategies to enhance the patient experience and service quality, fostering a more responsive and patient-centered healthcare environment.

The first module equips health service professionals with essential skills to enhance the patient experience. Participants will learn to articulate the demographics and psychographics of their patients, creating detailed customer personas and maps of the patient experience journey. This understanding allows for the identification and mitigation of pain points in the patient experience, ensuring a smoother patient journey.

In the second module, health service professionals will recognize the significance of a strong service climate and its direct impact on patient satisfaction. The training covers effective management and response to customer reviews; an increasingly vital aspect of healthcare services. The module emphasizes empowering employees to confidently address service issues, fostering a supportive and responsive service environment. 

Facilitator: Suzanne C. Makarem, Ph.D.

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Limitless Leadership: Embracing Leadership Beyond Roles or Titles 

Unleash your leadership potential in this transformative course designed for individuals at any organizational level. Learn how to lead with impact beyond titles and hierarchy by exploring the core principles of effective leadership. This course provides participants with the tools and mindset to inspire and influence others, no matter their role. Develop a strategic mindset that aligns your actions with broader organizational goals while gaining innovative strategies to tackle adaptive challenges and drive change within your sphere of influence. Strengthen your communication and collaboration skills to build positive relationships and outcomes in any context, and embrace a growth mindset by continually seeking opportunities for learning and development. Through interactive discussions, practical exercises, and assessments, this workshop offers personalized feedback to help you immediately apply your new skills. Whether you're an entry-level employee or a mid-level manager, this course will provide valuable insights and strategies for leading with purpose and impact. Join us to discover how you can make a difference and contribute to your organization's collective success.

Facilitator: Hawley Smyth

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SHRM Certification Exam Prep [LIVE, ONLINE]

Over 14-weeks, explore HR functions and prepare for your SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP exam. This course is facilitated by a practicing HR leader and SHRM-certified instructor who is on hand to answer your questions, guide you through interactive discussions, review sample test questions, and provide exclusive test-taking tips. Participants who take an instruction-led prep course are more likely to pass the SHRM exam! This course includes four modules that cover the SHRM Body of Applied Skills and Knowledge. Participants who successfully complete class requirements will receive a Credly badge through VCU's digital badging program.

Facilitator: TBD

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Project Management Essentials [LIVE, ONLINE]

The Project Management Essentials course is ideal for participants looking for a project management overview or for participants looking to begin their journey towards PMP Certification. The class explores project management and agile terminology, defining scope, creation of Work Breakdown Structures, estimating schedules and determining project costs. This course focuses on the application of project management concepts. The course uses active learning principles with discussion, collaboration, demonstrations, and exercises. Full completion of the course will fulfill 14 education hours towards the PMP exam requirement from PMI. Combine this course with our PMP Exam Prep course for the full 35 hours. Participants who successfully complete class requirements will receive a Credly badge through VCU's digital badging program.

Facilitator: TBD

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PMP Exam Prep Course [LIVE, ONLINE]

Ensure you're prepared for the rigorous PMP exam with our PMP Exam Prep Course. This 6-session program combines expert instruction with The CertWise® Learning System for PMP® Exam Preparation training materials. Our course will help you learn faster, retain more knowledge, and stay on track for success on the PMP exam. Included in your course registration fees, you will receive The CertWise Learning System for PMP® Exam Preparation. This premium quality program combines comprehensive printed reading materials with interactive online study materials to expand, apply and solidify your knowledge to pass the PMP exam. Full completion of the course will fulfill 21 education hours towards the PMP exam requirement from PMI. Combine this course with our Project Management Essentials course for the full 35 hours.

Facilitator: TBD

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Lean Six Sigma: Green Belt

Six Sigma is a systematic methodology that utilizes factual information and statistical analysis to measure and improve a company's operational performance, practices and systems by identifying and preventing 'defects' in manufacturing and service-related processes in order to anticipate and exceed expectations of all stakeholders to accomplish effectiveness. Employing Six Sigma tools increases performance and decreases process variation, which leads to defect reduction, significant improvement in profits, waste reduction, employee morale and quality of product. Green Belt Certification is awarded after the participant demonstrates a full understanding of the process and has completed his/her project.

Facilitator: TBD

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Lean Six Sigma: Black Belt 

Black Belts are at the core of every Six Sigma implementation. This course begins with an in-depth description of the Six Sigma phases, roles, and related statistical tools required for success. The curriculum follows both the DMAIC (Green Belt) and DMADV (Black Belt) methodologies, teaching candidates how to integrate Six Sigma into an overall approach to process improvement. Prior Green Belt coursework is highly recommended to enroll in this course.

Facilitator: TBD

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I found the Lean Six Sigma class to be very informative and practical, and now I feel like I'm leaving with skills that I can directly apply Monday morning.  


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Many of our open enrollment courses offer badges in partnership with Credly or certifications. These verifications of achievement and knowledge are great way to demonstrate mastery of content.


  • Coaching for Leaders and Managers
  • Growth Mindset: Activation and Development
  • Human Resources Essentials Certificate
  • Human Resources Management Certificate
  • Lean Six Sigma: Black Belt Training
  • Lean Six Sigma: Green Belt Training


  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt