Career & Executive Coaching

The Center for Corporate Education specializes in coaching for individuals and teams at all levels of an organization, catering to a diverse clientele that includes Fortune 50 companies, non-profits, K-12 and post-secondary education institutions, healthcare sectors, and more.

Our range of coaching and assessment services is tailored to enhance professional growth, leadership development, and career success. Designed to support individuals through various stages of their careers—whether navigating transitions, aiming for higher leadership roles, seeking personal resilience, or aspiring for transformative leadership, our offerings facilitate meaningful progress and development for individuals at any stage of their career.

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1:1 and Small Group Coaching

Our coaching programs are meticulously designed to support personal and team development through expert-guided one-on-one sessions. Our variety of focus areas might include:

  • Women's Leadership Development: Tailored coaching to empower women in leadership roles, enhancing their influence and effectiveness.
  • Career Transitions: Strategic guidance for individuals facing career changes, ensuring a smooth and confident transition.
  • Your First 90 Days: Essential support for leaders and executives in the initial phase of their new role, focusing on impactful strategies for a successful start.
  • 360 Assessments: Customizable 360 feedback tools providing comprehensive insights from a broad spectrum of workplace interactions, aimed at leadership and managerial enhancement.
  • Coaching for Resilience: Sessions focused on developing resilience in the face of workplace challenges, aiding individuals in maintaining performance and well-being.
  • Burnout and Resilience: Specialized coaching to address and mitigate burnout, fostering a resilient mindset for sustained professional engagement and success.
  • Transformative Leadership: Coaching designed to inspire and facilitate profound leadership changes, empowering leaders to drive significant impact within their organizations.
  • Career Success Coaching: Comprehensive support aimed at fostering career advancement and success, tailored to meet individual goals and aspirations.

DISC Assessments

The DISC assessment is a renowned tool that facilitates improved communication, teamwork, and productivity. By completing a brief assessment, individuals receive a comprehensive report detailing how their communication style influences their professional relationships. A personalized coaching session accompanies the assessment, guiding participants on how to adapt their style to manage diverse DISC profiles effectively.

Clifton Strengths Assessment

Originating from the insights of human behaviorist Don Clifton, the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment concentrates on uncovering individuals' core talents. Participants gain access to a Strengths Insights report followed by a one-on-one coaching session. This session is focused on activating identified talents and transforming them into actionable strengths within the workplace.


The program provided valuable insight on what it means to be an effective leader as well as information on how to get there. 

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