Accelerated B.S + M.S Program Frequently Asked Questions

There is a two-step process. First, you will declare your intent and request approval to take graduate classes by completing this form: Intention to Pursue Accelerated Program Form.

Before completing the form, you should have taken, or are currently enrolled in INFO 361 and INFO 364. The faculty also recommend completion of INFO 350 before taking graduate classes. If you are approved, you can register for graduate classes while completing your undergraduate degree. The second step occurs in the semester you graduate from the undergraduate program. You will complete a formal application to the master’s program- note that you will need 3 references and a statement of intent.


You can take up to 12 credits that apply to both the B.S. and M.S. degrees. If you decide not to pursue the M.S. degree, there is no penalty. Taking graduate classes as an undergraduate student allows you to explore some topics in greater depth and with classmates having more experience in the field. Typically, there are tuition savings for taking M.S. classes as an undergraduate student rather than as a graduate student.

Advanced students who performed well in the core information systems classes (INFO 350, INFO 361, and INFO 364) and who are interested in pursuing certain topics in greater depth. There is a minimum overall GPA requirement of 3.25 and a minimum GPA requirement of 3.25 in information systems course work.

There are five core courses, at least three information systems electives, up to two additional electives for a total of 10 classes.

Up to three 400-level information systems electives and any open electives. If INFO 461 is a requirement for your bulletin year, you can replace it as well.

We offer concentrations in:

● Data Science in Business 

● Information Risk, Security and Assurance 

Anytime after matriculating in the M.S. program, which occurs after the last semester of the B.S.

No, you are not required to declare a concentration. The degree requirements for the noconcentration option are 5 core courses, 3-5 information systems electives, and 0-2 other electives for a total of 10 courses.

Work experience in the information systems field that would qualify for INFO 493 Internship.

In the last semester of the B.S. degree when you submit a formal application to the M.S. program.

M.S. classes with the exception of INFO 632 will be offered in a “hybrid simulcast” modality, meaning that you can attend in person, virtually, or in some combination. INFO 632 will be offered in person. Therefore, you have the option to complete the M.S. program in person or virtually.

Yes, you can complete the requirements for the B.S. degree and then apply to the M.S. program.