da Vinci Center

Take your inspiration, ideate and turn it into a final, real product through the VCU da Vinci Center. The VCU School of Business serves as a partner to the center, which provides a cross-disciplinary, collaborative approach to new product innovation.

We've teamed up with the VCU School of the Arts, the VCU College of Engineering and the VCU College of Humanities and Sciences to provide this unique collegiate model that advances entrepreneurship.


The academic and other program offerings of the da Vinci Center aim to create T-shaped individuals: individuals who are anchored in a discipline and have the capacity and openness to span across disciplines.

Regardless of whether you set up your own company or develop an innovative product, you'll walk away from our programs confident in your ability to be a problem solver, creator and maker.

The da Vinci Center offers the following degrees and certificates: