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John Palesis
Adjunct Professor

Snead Hall
301 W. Main Street
PO Box 844000
Richmond, VA, 23284-4000
Office: B4120
Phone: (804) 828-7138
Fax: (804) 828-3199

Prior to joining VCU, Dr. Palesis worked for 18 years as a Research Scientist at Altria Corporate Services/PM USA.  His main role in this position was to conduct Information Technology (IT) research, identify promising IT-based innovation opportunities, and initiate and manage cross-disciplinary IT development projects.  For example, he led a project which implemented a process automation expert system using fuzzy logic technology (he received a PM USA President’s Award for this work).  One of his primary focus areas in this job was data-mining.  Working with cross-disciplinary teams, he established many data-analysis and knowledge-discovery projects using machine learning, artificial neural networks, and other technologies in areas such as marketing, consumer modeling, product design, and others. 


At VCU, Dr. Palesis has taught graduate courses in Computer Science (Social Network Analysis, Advanced Computer Algorithms) and undergraduate courses in Information Systems (Social Network Analysis, eBusiness Technologies, Object-Oriented Programming).  In addition to teaching conventional in-classroom courses, he has developed and taught an online course in eBusiness Technologies at VCU and has participated as Travel Faculty in the VCU Business School International Consulting Program.


In addition to his teaching, he also worked as a Technology Coordinator, a grant-based position at the VCU Rehabilitation Research and Training Center, where his overall responsibility was to provide Information Technology (IT) solutions for the VCU National Training Center which delivers online rehabilitation training across the USA.  He is currently an Adjunct Instructor and Academic Coordinator in the Fast Track Master’s in Information Systems focusing on emerging technologies. 


Dr. Palesis has received both a Fulbright Scholarship and a Mellon Foundation Grant.


He is a native of Cyprus, he has traveled extensively and, in addition to English, he speaks fluently Greek and French.