School of BusinessFaculty and Research

H. Waller
Associate Professor
Area: Finance Insurance and Real Estate

Snead Hall
301 W. Main Street
PO Box 844000
Richmond, VA, 23284-4000
Office: B4143
Phone: (804) 828-3365
Fax: (804) 828-3972
Teaching Interests: Corporate Finance, Corporate Valuation
Research Interests: Empirical corporate finance, including corporate governance, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and the valuation effects of managerial decisions.

Dr. Greg Waller is an Associate Professor in the Finance, Insurance and Real Estate (FIRE) Department at the VCU School of Business. He received his Ph.D . in Finance from Purdue University in 2006. He has been at VCU since 2011. Prior to arriving at VCU, he was on the faculty at the Ohio University College of Business.
Published Intellectual Contributions
Journal Article
Straska, M., Waller, H. G. (2014). Antitakeover Provisions and Shareholder Wealth: A Survey of the Literature. (vol. 49 (4), pp.933-956). Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.
Offenberg, D., Straska, M., Waller, H. G. (2014). Who Gains From Buying Bad Bidders?. (vol. 49 (2), pp.513-540). Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.
Sibilkov, V., Straska, M., Waller, H. G. (2013). The Value Implications of Restrictions on Asset Sales. (vol. 22 (3), pp.98-108). Review of Financial Economics.
Sibilkov, V., Straska, M., Waller, H. G. (2013). Do Firms Use M&A Business to Pay for Analyst Coverage?. (vol. 48 (4), pp.725-751). The Financial Review.
Straska, M., Waller, H. G., Yu, Y. (2012). Does Investment Improve When Firms Go Private?. (vol. 38 (2), pp.124-142). Managerial Finance.
Waller, H., Straska, M. (2010). Do Antitakeover Provisions Harm Shareholders?. (4 ed., vol. 16, pp.487-498). Journal of Corporate Finance.
Waller, H. G., Miller, K. D. (2003). Scenarios, Real Options and Integrated Risk Management. (1 ed., vol. 36, pp.93-107). Long Range Planning.