Global solutions for the 21st Century.

International programs at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business are aimed at developing understanding, knowledge and skills for living and prospering in an interdependent and culturally diverse world.  

Our programs include partnerships throughout the world tailored to the needs of participating students and institutions. We continuously seek partnerships for graduate, undergraduate and study abroad opportunities across the globe.

1+1 graduate programs

International students complete the master's curriculum foundation courses at a partner university in their home country. Participants take the remaining program courses at VCU School of Business. Upon successful completion of the program requirements, students earn a master’s degree in the areas of finance, marketing, information systems and decision analytics from VCU. Recruitment is managed by the university partners listed below.

Partner institutions

2+2 undergraduate programs

The 2+2 undergraduate program gives international students the opportunity to study in two countries while earning a bachelor’s degree from VCU. Participants spend the first two years at the university in your their country, followed by two years at the VCU School of Business. Recruitment is managed by the university partners listed below.

Partner institutions

International Consulting Program

The VCU School of Business offers a four-week International Consulting Program during the summer session. We’ve developed a unique global experience to help you impress future employers with resumes and skillsets that showcase international business experience.

The International Consulting Program has been adapted to fit with our current environment! The Virtual ICP aims to provide students the same exposure to global business practice, cross-cultural experience, and international networking. This program will boost your resume, your confidence and your ability to think globally.

Partner institution

Certificate program

In this certificate program, students from Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts travel to Richmond and receive English language training through VCU’s Global Education Office. Students will also enroll in courses offered by the School of Business and School of the Arts.

Partner institution

  • China: Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts