Located in Snead Hall, the Virginia Council on Economic Education is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit working as a public/private partnership – the primary resource for Virginia’s K-12 teachers and school divisions seeking training and classroom resources for economic and financial education, at little or no cost thanks to financial support from partners.

The council was co-founded by a former dean of the VCU School of Business, J. Curtis Hall, Jr., and businessman S. Buford Scott, who is also a founding trustee of the VCU School of Business Foundation.

VCEE is an advocate/resource for:

  • Required high school course in economics and personal finance
  • Inclusion of key economic concepts at each grade level K-12
  • Teachers, school divisions, local and state governments

In partnership with colleges and universities, VCEE supports a network of Centers for Economic Education across Virginia, including the VCU Center for Economic Education. The Centers are collaborative hubs for K-12 teachers, school divisions and local businesses. Institutes and workshops provide training and up-to-date resources.