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  • B.S. in economics
    • Explore the impact of economic decision-making on the markets and economy.
  • M.A. in economics
    • Advance your knowledge through applied economic analysis.
      • M.A. in Economics
  • Economics minor
    • Differentiate yourself in the job market, prepare for graduate training in law or business, and increase your versatility with your employer. Must earn at least 18 credits in economics to qualify for this minor.

Economics Seminar Series: Fall 2020

Join us for a wonderful lineup of seminar speakers this semester. All seminars will be online through Zoom. Please contact Ioannis Kospentaris or Daniel Stephenson if you are interested in attending or with any questions.

Networking & Research

Student Economics Association: Socialize and network with your peers while gaining valuable insight into future career opportunities.

Experimental Laboratory for Economics and Business Research: Work with faculty to conduct computer-mediated experiments.

VCU Center for Economic Education: Provides K-12 students with the economic knowledge and financial skills needed to thrive in today’s economy.

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond: Learn about local economic conditions and opportunities.

American Economic Association: See what issues economists nationwide are researching.

Richmond Association for Business Economics: Join local business leaders for lunch and a speaker. A great networking opportunity!

Real-Time Population Survey (RPS): Adam Blandin, Ph.D. assistant professor in the VCU School of Business and Alexander Bick, Ph.D., associate professor at Arizona State started the biweekly Real-Time Population Survey out of a desire to use their skills as economists to help policymakers, reporters, analysts and the public during the COVID-19  pandemic. Since launch, their research has been cited widely in national publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Forbes, The New York Times and The Washington Post, and has drawn attention from notable economists worldwide.


New survey shows labor market recovery continues

New survey shows labor market recovery continues

Monday, November 23

Current rate is still far below the employment rate from February, just prior to the pandemic.

Labor market continues slow recovery

Labor market continues slow recovery

Monday, October 26

New survey also shows that earnings have increased relative to the spring.

Labor market unchanged since late July, new survey shows

Labor market unchanged since late July, new survey shows

Monday, August 24

Survey also finds that the share of individuals working for the same employer as in February has continued to decline.

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