Change is crucial to an organization’s success in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, fast-paced, and highly competitive global world.  Leaders play the most critical role in driving successful change and yet, leading and managing change is where many of us struggle.  This session will focus on the factors that contribute to this challenge for individuals, teams, and organizations and will offer practical and proven strategies and tools for the effective management of sustainable change.  Whether you are a formal leader, manager or individual contributor, how you lead yourself and others will play a large role in the ultimate success of any change initiative. 

Program takeaways

At the end of this highly experiential day, you should leave with: 

  • An increased awareness of the importance of your role in managing and leading change
  • An increased understanding of how change happens and its impacts on you and on employee productivity, resistance and morale
  • An increased ability to practice and apply effective change management strategies to help accelerate the adoption and sustainability of change

Upcoming Class

Date: October 10, 2019
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Center for Corporate Education
301 West Main Street
Richmond, Virginia
Room B3189
Cost: $395 due in full at registration. A 10% discount is available at registration to anyone who registers before September 10, 2019, as well as to VCU alumni and VCU/VCUHS employees. Discounts can not be combined, and are provided at registration. To secure a space, participants are encouraged to register by January 1. 

Cost includes breakfast, lunch, parking and all materials.