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Upcoming Lunch & Learns 

Talking the Talk: Public Speaking Demystified

May 30: 12:00-1:15 p.m. | Speaker: Helene Bumbalo | Fee: $35 (includes lunch and parking)

The fear of public speaking often keeps many people from sharing their knowledge, insight, and analysis with others. And for those who do take the podium, presentations can get bogged down with too many details, lack of messaging, sleepy slides, or other oversights that can tune out a potential audience. However, the key to making a great presentation is simply preparation. Come learn an approach used by many successful presenters and get a confidence boost for your next presentation or talk. By attending this session, participants will be better able to:

  • Use the BOMBER-B strategy as a way to organize your thoughts and create a clear, concise, and compelling message
  • Usable tools to define your purpose, engage your audience, create your core message and using effective media/collaterals
  • Practice identifying essential traits of your intended audience


Mindfulness at Work: Not Another Manic Monday

June 12: 12:00-1:15 p.m. | Speaker: Elizabeth Bambacus, Ph.D. | Fee: $35 (includes lunch and parking)

A hectic life can muddle the brain, leading to either low productivity and career stagnation or -- for those who push through the noise -- sheer exhaustion. Not only can incorporating a mindfulness practice at the office help you check life’s chaos at the door, but it can also strengthen your focus on important tasks, improve your creativity, and help you engage more meaningfully with colleagues and supervisors. (Even those colleagues and supervisors!) By attending this session, participants will be better able to:

  • Learn basic concepts of how mindfulness practice both quiets the brain and improves your focus.
  • Learn how improving your emotional intelligence through mindfulness practice can help you progress in your career.
  • Practice mindfulness activities that you can use at home as well as tailor to your unique work environment.


Building and Rebuilding Trust: A Leadership Perspective

July 25: 12:00-1:15 p.m. | Speaker: Jean Gasen, Ph.D. | Fee: $35 (includes lunch and parking)

Trust is one of the most critical elements in leading teams and building successful business relationships, but it takes time to develop and is easy to lose. What are the key elements of trust? And what are the seemingly small behaviors that can erode trust – in your team, in your organization, and in yourself? If trust is in a state of disrepair, what are some strategies you can use to rebuild it? And finally, what can you do actively create a trust-based team and organization? By attending this session, participants will be better able to:

  • Learn new distinctions on understanding the elements of trust
  • Use practical strategies for how trust can be built (or rebuilt) 
  • Create a more productive and satisfying personal and professional life


Developing Influencing Skills 

August 13: 12:00-1:15 p.m. | Speaker: Terrie Glass | Fee: $35 (includes lunch and parking)

No matter what your role, there are times when you need others to support a decision you’ve made or cooperate with a direction you are setting. Your effectiveness often depends on the willingness of others to work with you. How do you influence others so that you can get what you need?  In this workshop, we will look at the key skills for influencing others.By attending this session, participants will be better able to:

  • Identify key factors that impact influence
  • Learn how aspects of your personality can help you be an effective influencer
  • Apply influencing skills to case studies


Past events

Previous Lunch and Learn topics are available as customized training programs. Contact to bring these sessions to your business.

Data in Business
Learn how data can and should be leveraged for initiatives ranging from the elimination of food deserts to saving warfighter lives to creation of new business models.
Speaker: Peter Aiken, Ph.D.

Ditch the PowerPoint: The Power of the One Page Presentation
Eliminate long, boring slide decks and build powerful visuals on one page.
Speaker: Derrick Strand

Goal Setting for Personal and Professional Success
Get tips for marketing yourself in your organization and setting SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based) goals.
Speaker: John Worth

How to Win at New Business
Develop relationship-based selling approaches and learn how to construct winning sales calls in a fun and interactive environment.
Speaker: Wayne Slough, Ph.D.

Intro to Project Management
Learn the fundamentals of the project management methodology and explore examples of real world application.
Speaker: Jennifer Romero-Greene

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
Discover how emotional intelligence is linked to leadership, and how you can become a more effective leader, manager, peer and overall contributor in your organization.
Speaker: Terrie Glass

LEGO® Serious Play®
Join us for a short but fun introduction to LEGO® Serious Play® and learn how this interactive facilitation process can be used to build high performing teams, develop strategies and more.
Speakers: Joan Gammon and Joe Synder

Managing Your Career
Leverage the power of professional networking and develop the skills advance your careers and avoid career-derailing behaviors.
Speaker: John Worth

A Mindful Approach to Leadership
Learn how leaders can utilize mindfulness to help them grapple with the intricacies of leading in a complex world where change in the only constant.
Speaker: Christopher Reina, Ph.D.

Presenting with Power
Discover the secrets to creating compelling and dynamic presentations, whether writing your TEDtalk, presenting an abstract, or conducting a morning meeting.
Speaker: Eva DeVirgilis

Stress Management
Practice some simple, quick and techniques for managing stress in your life and work.
Speaker: Jean Gasen, Ph.D.

Your Data and Breaches: A Focus on Credit Reporting
Understand the impact of the 2017 Equifax data breach on you and your organization's credit.
Speaker: Peter Aiken, Ph.D. 

Women and Money
Empower yourself with new skills to transform your own money story and fuel your professional success.
Speaker: Roberta Keller