Let’s be honest. There are some people who you find to be just plain difficult. What is the secret to communicating with them more effectively?  How can you reduce your mutual frustration in dealing with each other?  The key could easily be understanding “style." Style explains many of the differences that we notice as we try to communicate and work together.

Using the model from a well-researched communication assessment tool, the DISC, this half day workshop will teach you how to communicate more effectively with people who are different from you. You will learn the skills of effective adaptation that can create greater efficiency and effectiveness in your work with others.

Prior to the workshop, each participant will take a 10 minute online assessment that will produce a 24 page, individualized report used in the workshop.

Participants will learn:

· The DISC model for understanding communication style

· Their individual communication style

· How style impacts motivation and perceptions

· How to style differences are displayed in team functioning

· How to read other people’s styles

· How to adapt effectively to those whose styles are different from one’s own


Managers, supervisors, individuals and work teams who want to enhance their own effectiveness and the functioning of their organization in profit, non-profit and government settings. Work teams and cross-section of generations from organizations are encouraged to attend together for added impact.


Date: January 31, 2019
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Center for Corporate Education
301 West Main Street
Richmond, Virginia 23284
Room B3189
Cost: $250 due in full at registration. No discounts are available for this program.

Cost includes materials and parking.

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