Corporate EducationCultivating Your Leadership Style

What is your individual leadership style? How do you know if you are an effective leader? How well do you know - and grow - your staff?  Using interactive exercises, small group work, and individual reflection, this workshop will help you explore the steps to nourishing and growing yourself as a leader and for developing and engaging the individuals on your team.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore different leadership styles and identify what makes an effective leader.
  • Establish an accountability plan to improve your own leadership discipline, behaviors and habits.
  • Learn the elements of employee engagement and the practical steps for increasing engagement and developing your staff to enhance your team’s performance.


This workshop is open and encouraged for all, regardless of their role in their respective organization, but is particularly targeted for managers, supervisors, and leaders who want to better understand their leadership style and how to leverage them for your team.


If interested in bringing this course to your organization, please reach out.