Logo for Real estate circle of excellence

The Real Estate Circle of Excellence partners with the Kornblau Real Estate Program to advance the quality and relevance of its educational efforts and bring practical "real world" experience to the program.

This outstanding group of real estate and mortgage lending executives benefits real estate majors by providing advice on the quality and relevance of our educational and research programs, offering student internships and several scholarships and hosting a popular annual conference which draws speakers and attendees nationwide. Members occasionally lecture to classes or assist in preparing case studies for students.

2018 Officers

  • President

    Michael Lowry
    Senior Vice President
    Northmarq Capital
  • President-elect

    Charles O. Dubose Jr.
    Managing Director
    Phillips Realty Capital
  • Vice president

    Dan Hargett
    The Rebkee Company
  • Secretary/treasurer

    Holly Law Eve
    DGS / Division of Real Estate Services
  • Immediate past president

    Rene Shepperson
    Senior Real Estate Banker
    Union Bank and Trust
  • Members at-large

    Eileeen Dahlstedt
    Business Development Manager
    American Office
  • Jeff Kornblau
    VP of Land Acquisition & Strategy
    Eagle Construction of VA
  • Jim Napier
    Napier Realtors, ERA
  • E. Duffy Myrtetus
    Goodman Allen Donnelly


  • Russell T. Aaronson III
    GrayCo, Inc.
  • Matthew Akin
    McCann Realty Partners
  • David Andrews
    The Shopping Center Group
  • David R. Auman
    The Captsone Contracting Company
  • Donna S. Bearman
  • Bruce Boykin
    James Center
  • James H. Boykin
    Professor Emeritus
  • Steven B. Brincefield
  • Kenneth L. Brown
  • Andrew Brownstein
    GRS Title Services, LLC
  • Michael D. Burke
  • Michael M. Campbell
    Dominion Realty Partners
  • Melissa Canavos
    Safe Harbor Title
  • J.G. Carter
    Union Mortgage Bank
  • Wayne A. Chasen
    Gumenick Properties
  • Andrew M. Condlin
    Roth Jackson Gibbons Condlin, PLC
  • Jeffrey A. Cooke
    Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer
  • Ricky Core
    Markel | Eagle Partners
  • Christopher J. Corrada
    Riverstone Properties LLC
  • Eileen Dahlstedt
    American Office
  • Timothy M. Davey
    Timmons Group
  • Susan F. Dewey
    Virginia Housing Development Authority
  • Charles O. DuBose Jr.
    Phillips Realty Capital
  • Jane duFrane
    Highwoods Properties
  • Holly Law Eve 
    Virigina Department of General Services
  • Brent G. Farmer
  • Brian Felton
    Liberty Property Trust
  • Gary W. Fenchuk
    East West Communities
  • Earl M. Ferguson
    Artcraft Management, Inc.
  • Jane C. Ferrara
    Economic and Community Development City of Richmond
  • John S. Finn, Jr. 
    United Real Estate - Richmond
  • C. Blaine Garrett
    Dominion Resources Services, Inc.
  • David C. Gerstenmaier
    HG Design Studio 
  • Andrew J. Gibb
    7 Hills Advisors
  • Roger A. Glover
    Cornerstone Homes
  • Jeffrey H. Gumenick
    Gumenick Properties
  • J.B. Gurley
    Markel | Eagle Partners
  • Cheryl W. Hamm
    Joyner Commercial
  • Kelvin Hanson
    The Hanson Company LLC
  • Daniel Hargett
    The Rebkee Company
  • Andrea Harlow
    Williams Mullen
  • Greta J. Harris
    Better Housing Coalition
  • A. Paul Heckman
  • Jane Henderson
    Virginia Community Capital
  • Ralph B. Higgins
    Land Planner and Landscape Architect
  • Thomas Hogg
    Siemens Building Technologies 
  • William G. Homiller 
    Troutman Sanders, LLP
  • Mark J. Hourigan
    Hourigan Construction
  • David A. Howard
  • Thomas Innes
    RE/MAX Commonwealth
  • Monique Johnson
    Better Housing Coalition
  • Richard Johnson
    The Wilton Companies
  • Daniel Jones
    East West Communities
  • Kim Kacani
    HHHunt Communities
  • Bruce A. Kay
    Markel Corporation
  • D. Brennen Keene
    McGuire Woods
  • Neil S. Kessler
    Troutman Sanders, LLP (Retired Partner)
  • H. Carlton King
  • Edward G. Knight
    Knight, Dorin & Rountrey, Inc.
  • Glade M. Knight
    Apple REIT Companies
  • Bryan E. Kornblau
    Markel|Eagle Partners, LLC
  • Jeffrey D. Kornblau
    Eagle Construction of Va., LLC
  • Paul W. Kreckman
  • Laura Lafayette
    Richmond Association of Realtors
  • John B. Levy
    John B. Levy & Company, Inc.
  • Jeffrey N. Lighthiser
    Draper Aden Associates
  • Diane M. Linderman
    Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
  • Alan T. Lingerfelt
    Lingerfelt Companies
  • J. Ryan Lingerfelt
    Lingerfelt Development
  • Andy Little
    J.B. Levy & Company, Inc.
  • Michael W. Lowry
    Northmarq Capital
  • Walton Makepeace
    Highwoods Properties
  • Brian R. Marron
    Spotts Fain PC
  • Brad McGetrick
    CoStar Group
  • Brett McNamee
    Divaris Real Estate
  • John Mercer
    Williams Mullen
  • Michael G. Miller
    Valuation and Advisory Services
    Colliers International
  • Robert W. Miller Jr.
    Miller & Associates
  • E. Duffy Myrtetus
    Goodman Allen Donnelly
  • James T. Napier
    Napier Realtors, ERA
  • Charles E. Nunnally Jr.
    Altria Client Services
  • Walter Parks
    Walter Parks Architects
  • Frances S. Powell
    East West Communities
  • William D. Redd
    Brandywine Realty Trust
  • J. Sargeant Reynolds Jr.
    Reynolds Development LLC
  • Sam Reynolds
    Apple REIT
  • Eric Robison
    Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer
  • Muriel Rodriguez
    Schnabel Engineering Associates
  • Daniel T. Schmitt
    HHHunt Communities
  • H. Leon Shadowen
    Brandywine Realty Trust
  • Rene B. Shepperson
    Union Bank and Trust
  • Nathan A. Shor
    S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co.
  • Randall R. Silber
    County of Henrico
  • Ralph D. Spencer
    Innovative Learning, LLC
  • Ronald Stallings
    Walker Row Partnership, Inc.
  • Elizabeth G. Steele 
    GRS Title Services
  • Candice Streett
    Virginia LISC
  • Jodie D. Strum
    Atlantic Real Estate Capital
  • James W. Theobald
    Hirschler Fleischer
  • Stephen Thomas
    Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
  • Robert M. Thornton
    Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer
  • M. Craig Toalson
    Home Builders Association of Virginia 
  • William R. Trigg
    Marsh + Mclennan Agency - Rutherfoord 
  • Lucia A. Trigiani
    MercerTrigiani LLP
  • Debbie Wake
    Divaris Real Estate 
  • Steven W. Walker
    RPC Realty Capital, LLC
  • C. Dixon Wallace Jr.
    Xenith Corporation
  • C. Lee Warfield III
    Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer
  • Melvin Watkins
    M&T Bank
  • Allison P. Weinstein
    Weinstein Properties, Inc.
  • David Wilkins
    CB Richard Ellis of Virginia, Inc.
  • David M. Williams
    Colliers International | Richmond
  • Drew Wiltshire
    Thalhimer Realty Partners
  • D. Kyle Woolfolk Jr.
    Woolfolk Companies
  • Paul M. Young
    Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP