Our faculty are passionate about helping you develop as a business student and future professional, no matter your major. Whether you're laser-focused on your career ambition or open to possiblities, as a new undergraduate, you'll start in the Business Foundation Program and take some of our advanced courses as an upperclassman. 

You'll explore your options in business while you learn to communicate successfully in a variety of business situations, practice leading and working in teams, and apply creative problem-solving, data and ethics to business decisions. In other words, you'll become an EPIC business student.

An EPIC Approach to Business

Our Business Foundation Program and Advanced Business Program connect students with the pillars of our EPIC strategic plan: Experiential learning, Problem-solving curricula, Impactful research and Creative culture.

You'll explore your options in business, learn to communicate successfully, practice leading and working in teams, and apply creative problem-solving, data and ethics to business decisions. Visit the VCU Bulletin to see the full list of course requirements.

Communication by Design

We offer a design-thinking approach to help you feel confident and prepared to communicate in a wide variety of business situations. 

Presentation Rehearsal Studio

Take the steps to properly prepare for your presentation - be it for a course, a competition or business pitch. Sign up to rehearse in front of a live audience. The Presentation Rehearsal Studio runs in sessions of 30 minutes. Presenters double as audience members for other students in the session. Solo presenters, sign up for a 10 minute time slot. Groups, sign up for two 10 minute time slots, back to back. Audience members are welcome as walk-ins. Your appointment is not scheduled until you receive a confirmation email from guidam@vcu.edu 

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Presentation Coaching

Do you need help with your presentation? From brainstorm to rehearsal, our peer presentation consultants are trained to assist School of Business students with their presentation needs. 30 minute time slots per presenter. Sign up to reserve your spot. First come, first served. 

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Writing Coaching

Experienced business majors can provide you peer-to-peer guidance on your assignments. We will assist you with: 

  • Figuring out what your professor wants
  • Refining/choosing your topic 
  • Locating information/conducting research 
  • Strengthening your draft and organizing your thoughts 
  • Identifying grammar and mechanics issues that can cost you your grade

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Creativity and Ideation

We hear it from employers every day. Business needs creative solutions. So how will you learn to think differently?

Creativity and Ideation (MGMT 303) is a required course for all undergraduates. You will explore the individual, social and institutional contexts for creativity and ideation. Examine four specific concepts in support of exploration in these areas: knowledge, curiosity, creativity and ideation. And better yet, put these concepts into practice through hands-on experiential learning.

Winning Presentations course

Required for undergraduates, this unique course is taught by theater professionals, many of whom have trained or taught in VCU's top-ranked School of the Arts. Great presentations require an understanding of yourself, your subject, your presentation story and your audience. This course (BUSN 225) will explore the skills involved in mastering all of these.