2022 Ethics Alive Through Creative Communication

When: Fri., Feb. 4 @ 4:00
Ends: Sat., Feb. 19 @ 5:00
Host: Business Essentials, School of Business
Event contact: Carly DuPont, dupontcc@vcu.edu
Audience: Undergraduate students

What: Challenge yourself and improve your appreciation for ethical decision making and oral communication in business! Develop, rehearse, and deliver an ethical business case study presentation with the help of professional coaches and compete for over $10,000 in prize money (the first place prize is $5,000). This mentored experience begins with the announcement of topics at the Kickoff Event and culminates with the final round of presentations on Saturday of the main event.   

When: The kickoff event takes place Friday, February 4th, 4-6 PM, the main event takes place Friday, February 18th, 4-8 PM, and Saturday, February 19th, 12:00-5:00 PM.

How will it work? At the Kickoff Event, registered students join the festivities at 4PM, in Snead Hall where they will meet with their assigned teams. Each team receives the same case with background research and begins to design a 5-7-minute presentation. Between the kick-off and the main event, teams have time to receive mentoring with coaches to design their presentation. Friday 2/18, teams will arrive back in Snead Hall to begin rehearsing under the guidance of presentation coaches. Saturday 2/19 all teams will return to compete in Round 1 in front of a panel of judges from the business community. Top presenters in each topic will move forward to Round 2, competing for cash prizes. Contestants who do not move forward to the second round become judges for the  Competitors’ Choice for Best Ethical Analysis category. 


  • Participants must be present in-person for the following dates;
    • Friday, February 4th, 4:00-6:00 PM; Kick-off event
    • Friday, February 18th, 4:00-8:00 PM workshop and rehearsal
    • Saturday, February 19th, 12:00 PM - 5 PM
  • Presentations are limited to 5-7 minutes in length.
  • Presentations must recognize and address the ethical considerations of the assigned case.
  • Participants are expected to dress in Business Professional attire Saturday February 19th. Friday is casual.
  • Teams will select a team captain. Duties include: scheduling team meetings, communication between the team and the event managers, submissions of outlines, and managing the screenshare/slideshow during the presentation.
  • Outlines are due Friday, February 11th by 5 PM. Feedback will be provided by Sunday, February 13th. 
  • All team members must speak and the content should be equally distributed amongst speakers.
  • Slideshows are permitted but not required. See the slideshow protocol below for more information. Visual enhancements are strongly encouraged.