Emmerson Brooking headshot

Emmerson T. Brooking
Writer and student of international security policy
Most recently a Research Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations

Emerson T. Brooking is a Washington, DC based writer and student of international security policy. He enjoys both critical analysis and writing for popular digest. Emerson’s research interests focus on emerging trends in conflict. How might combatants harness modern digital and kinetic platforms toward traditional war aims? What are the likely negative consequences of this adoption, and what steps might we take to mitigate and avert them? His studies drew him especially to the Internet. The flow and diffusion of information, the history of communications mediums, and the evolution and governance of modern social media platforms fascinate him. Emerson graduated from Penn in 2011, receiving a BA in Political Science and Classical Studies. After a brief career in newspapers, he moved to Washington, DC, to work in defense policy. Most recently, he was a Research Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations—the youngest person to receive such an honor in institutional memory.