Your Data and Breaches: A Focus on Credit Reporting

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Start: Tue., Dec. 12 @ Noon - 1 p.m.
Host: Center for Corporate Education
Audience: Alumni, Business community
Building: Snead Hall
Room: 301 West Main St.
Room: B3189

There has been much talk of data breaches recently.  Each breach provides bad actors with more information putting citizens at increasing risk. This is due to the accumulation of their data that now resides on the dark net and in the hands of those who shouldn't have access to it. Given the enormity of this event, it will help to become more educated about how these impact businesses, individuals and families.  This Lunch & Learn talk will provide participants information about:

- How their data is used by the various credit reporting agencies
- Why data breaches occur
- What are the specifics of the Equifax breach
- Steps that can be taken to protect your credit rating (if warranted)