The 5P's for Exhibiting Presentation Leadership

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Start: Fri., Jan. 19 @ 12:00 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.
Host: Center for Corporate Education
Event contact: Kelly Fucci
Audience: Alumni, Business community
Building: Snead Hall
Address: 301 West Main St.
Room: B3189

According to the Harvard Business Review, “many people – even the most accomplished speakers feel everything from slight nervousness to outright terror before they give a presentation... one study revealed that an alarmingly high number of people would rather have unnecessary surgery than give a speech."

“The 5Ps for Exhibiting Presentation Leadership” is not intended to coach you in developing cool PowerPoint slides; many resources and presentation templates exist to assist in that area. It is instead aimed at addressing a much more fundamental yet essential component of presenting effectively—the exhibition of leadership ahead of and during the formal presentation.

What does leadership have to do with delivering a PowerPoint presentation? Well, simply put—everything! When you are presenting, the focus is on you, and everything about you – not simply your message but also how you deliver it.  Leveraging the 5Ps (purpose, preparation, perception, persuasion and power), you will learn how to immediately gain the attention of your audience, how to bullet proof your arguments, how to anticipate and read your audience and lastly, how to influence the thinking of your audience. Thus, you will exhibit power in action – also known as presentation leadership!