Lean Manufacturing

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When: Mon., April 24 @ 8:30
Ends: Thur., April 27 @ 4:30
Host: Center for Corporate Education
Event contact: corp-ed@vcu.edu
Audience: Alumni, Business community, Graduate students
Building: Snead Hall
Address: 301 W. Main Street Richmond, VA

Participants receive an in depth history and understanding of the Lean Manufacturing philosophy and process through our interactive four day session. Lean Manufacturing is a quality driven methodology which delivers efficiency and standardized into targeted processes. This proven system, developed by the Toyota production system, allows for simple to complex process improvement and management.  At the heart of the methodology is the behavior and cultural philosophy of bottom to top level information flow and individual process ownership, resulting in the elimination of waste. Participants will becoming LEAN certified upon completion of the course. 


  • History of the Lean Manufacturing philosophy
  • Understanding of the Lean Manufacturing process in practice
  • Development of plan for application of a Lean Manufacturing project
  • Development of Process management tools within an organization

Date and Time: April 24-27, 2023, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.

Location: In person, at the VCU School of Business.

Fees: $2,695 due in full at registration. Cost includes all materials, parking, lunch and access to online learning software. 

Discounts: A 10% discount is available at registration to:

  • Anyone who registers 30 days before class starts
  • VCU alumni and VCU/VCUHS employees
  • State employees of Virginia

Group discounts are also available, please contact corp-ed@vcu.edu for more information. Discounts cannot be combined.

Roger Green -  Master Black Belt

Roger Green
Master Black Belt

Facilitator with Center for Corporate Education
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